Each month The Be Kind People Project has a Character Focus of the Month. So far we have covered three.


August was Be Supportive. What does supportive mean? The dictionary says to support means to “hold up” or to give strength, courage and approval. When you offer help or are there for someone you are being supportive.


September was Be Respectful.What does respectful mean? The dictionary says showing respect is the act of giving attention, thought, gratitude or admiration to someone. When you are respectful you recognize and appreciate others for who they are. It is being aware of how you treat yourself and others, and doing so with kindness.


October is Be Responsible.What does responsible mean? The dictionary says responsible means: to be in control of; managing; or to be held accountable. When you are responsible, people can count on you! Part of being responsible is finishing what we need to do, or what we say we are going to do, and doing it well. We are also responsible for our WORDS and our ACTIONS. It is our responsibility to ALWAYS be aware of how we treat others.

You can learn more about our character education program at The Be Kind People Project. http://thebekindpeopleproject.org/