Hello families! My name is Kimberly Theobald. I am the new nurse here at PPA and I am very excited to meet you all and your precious children!

Please read below as some details may be different than last year concerning medications/forms.

Please bring your medical forms, medication release forms, all health forms, immunization forms (if we don’t already have the most recent), all medications–prescription and over the counter medicine with you to the health room at our meet and greet next week.

August 7: elementary 1:30-6:00pm

August 8: middle 1:30-6:00pm


All health forms/immunization/medication forms MUST be current, signed by a provider, and by a legal guardian to be accepted. The medication needs to be in the original package/with original prescription label/dose. Medications must be current and cannot have an expired date. For the SAFETY of your child, include a 4x6 or smaller current photo of your child with the forms, plan, and medication. Put these items in a gallon ziplock bag and bring them with you to the meet and greet.

*If you would like your child to have any over the counter medicine such as benadryl, tylenol, or tums YOU MUST bring in your own medication in the original packaging. This medication must be a NEW/UNOPENED container.* This form will be available at the meet and greet sessions.Feel free to bring these medications at this time.

*Please be aware there will be times where your child will have to be picked up from school in the event of an illness/issue. The office needs to be provided with up to date contact information for you and others who will be able to pick up your child.

I look forward to getting to know your children and helping with your medical needs or concerns. Looking forward to a healthy and happy year with you all!!