5th Grade Literature:

January 9-13

Last week we worked on writing a persuasive argument for an audience.  We discussed how we convince others to do what we want or believe what we believe.  We even got to learn the terms rhetoric, logos, pathos, and ethos.   We finished our discussion by writing a letter to someone convincing them to go on an adventure with us.

This week we will begin reading our new book, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil Frankweiler. This book is an adventure and will not prove to be nearly as sad as Where the Red Fern Grows.  We will begin our study of the novel by getting to know the narrator, the characters, and the setting.  We will also work on vocabulary for the novel through out the week.

7th Grade Literature:

January 9-13

Last week we continued our discussion about the creation of the world from many different cultures, culminating with learning about what the Greeks believed about creation.

This week students will begin working on a project that will last throughout our Greek/Roman mythology unit.   Students will sign up for one of the gods/goddesses/ or Greek figures on a predetermined list.  Students will then utilize the research process to learn as much about his or her figure.  Students will use books and various online sources to inform their research.  Students will also learn how to create source cards and convert them into a bibliography.

At the end of the student’s research, they will use their research to create a first-person narrative from the perspective of his/her Greek figure.  They will use the famous myths they learned and discovered to help them create a story map and retell the myth from the perspective of their figure.

After stories are drafted, we will share them in a writer’s workshop setting and practice giving positive and constructive feedback to each other.

Once our stories are edited and revised, students will use their stories to create a digital story using media like recording their narration, pictures, video, and music.

Since this is a large project, it has been broken down into many individual steps. Students will receive grades for completing each step along the way as well as an overall grade. You can find the overview handout here. 

Handouts for Digital Story Research:

Bulfinch’s Mythology

Edith Hamilton’s Mythology