PPA Volunteer Committee Descriptions


PPA Parents pledge 30 hours for two parent families, and 15 hours for single parent families per school year to serve on either a committee as outlined below, or on short projects or events.  Hours may be accumulated for the 2016-2017 school year, anytime before the first day of school Fall of 2017.

Parents can express their volunteer preferences by completing the PPA Volunteer Sign Up Form.  


These efforts will allow PPA to organize people and committees to accomplish school start up tasks and also support school events throughout the year.  Volunteer Opportunities will be posted on our website, and announced via email.  Sign up and hours are tracked via Volunteerspot.com. 

Community Partnerships Committee
The Community Partnerships Committee exists to foster, create, and sustain relationships with individuals, organizations, and businesses within the community that are involved in teaching and/or supporting and contributing to the performing arts. The committee will build reciprocal relationships with performing artists, groups, and companies in which PPA will offer the use of our facilities for practices, rehearsals, recitals, and performances (for a nominal fee). The committee will also work with these partners to develop and offer before and/or after school programs for our students, as well as for students from other schools in the community.

Extra-Curricular Activities Committee
This committee will be exploring parents request for various extra-curricular activities that children might be participating in before or after school.  This does not refer to Champions before and after care (child care) for parents who need that to accommodate their working schedule.  This committee will explore the feasibility for clubs, organizations, language learning, and so forth for before and after school.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee will assist the Board of Directors in financial oversight of the school by tracking, reviewing, and reporting monthly financials as well as keeping a highly organized annual budget. Based on the data that is gathered, committee members will make recommendations to the Board of Directors about how PPA can reduce or increase spending.

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising Committee is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing various fundraising programs to provide the community with opportunities to contribute to and support PPA financially. The committee will be responsible for effectively raising funds while limiting the number of fundraising programs, as well as manage a fundraising calendar to prevent fundraising fatigue for the PPA families.  This group will also help support the Good-Doers Committee.

Good-Doers Committee
The Good-Doers Committee will serve to identify members of the PPA family who are in need of help and support during a time of difficulty. The committee will engage the person or family to learn how the PPA community can lend support to them, and will execute the plan to assist them as well as provide follow up care as needed. The committee may also involve students in grades 3-8 to participate in the outreach efforts.  This committee will also engage with the Fundraising Committee to generate funding for efforts through donations.

Grant Writing Committee
The committee is responsible for researching and applying for national and private grants that relate to curriculum, arts in education, technology in the classroom, and implementation. Committee members will seek funding opportunities from foundations, businesses, and corporations which support the performing arts in education and will work with the Finance Committee as well as report to the Board of Directors regarding successful or unsuccessful acquisition of grants. Although grant writing experience is desirable, it is not necessary to serve on this committee. Aside from writing, committee members are needed who are willing to research, edit, and proofread potential grants.  No professional or prior experience is needed.

High School Committee
This committee will explore and research the necessary requirements for PPA to expand to a K-12 school including a high school that prepares student to go to college and be successful.

Hospitality Committee
The Hospitality Committee will be responsible for ensuring that the teachers and staff at PPA feel appreciated and valued by planning and providing special opportunities for them. Examples might be occasional meals and treats on site, to include but not limited to: parent/teacher conferences, during holidays, birthdays, etc.  This group will also plan the best ways to organize teacher gift giving throughout the year.

PPA Expansion and Pre-School Committee
This committee will actively participate in the research and planning process to add a pre-school to PPA for Fall of 2017, as well as work on an expansion to the K-8 building.

Recruitment and Retention Committee
The Recruitment and Retention Committee will consist of select PPA staff and parents who will plan for the successful retention of current PPA students, as well as make outreach efforts to create interest of prospective new families and students. The committee will research and participate in opportunities at community events to raise awareness for PPA, as well as plan special events to host visitors to the school.

SAC – School Accountability Committee
The School Accountability Committee will make recommendations to the principal on the school priorities for spending school funds, including federal funds, where applicable; make recommendations to the principal and the superintendent concerning preparation of a school Performance or Improvement plan, if either type of plan is required; hold meetings to discuss strategies to include in a school Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan, if either type of plan is required, and using this input to make recommendations to the Board concerning preparation of the school Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan prior to the plan being written. Meetings are to be held quarterly, at a minimum. Members of the committee will include the Principal, a teacher, parents, and a member of the community.

Special Events Committee
The special events committee will meet as necessary to develop and plan for special one-time school events throughout the school year to coincide with special occasions, outreach efforts, and school promotion.

Traffic Control Committee
The Traffic Control Committee will be responsible for managing the parent volunteers for traffic control duty, making sure the volunteers are implementing the traffic control policies during the drop-off and pick-up times, and to ensure that each “shift” is adequately covered. Additionally, this group will be responsible for providing resources for carpooling and other transportation options.

Volunteer Management Committee
The Volunteer Management Committee is responsible for contacting potential volunteers, gathering information regarding their interests, skills, and backgrounds, and matching them with the most appropriate committee(s) and/or volunteer opportunities. Committee members should be familiar with the volunteer committees by reading their descriptions and other materials. The VMC Chair/Co-Chair will also coordinate with all of the other Chairs/Co-Chairs of PPA’s volunteer committees to ensure that volunteer activities meet the needs of the school and the students. Volunteers on the VMC will serve as liaisons to potential volunteers to assign, or reassign volunteers, as necessary. Please note that the VMC will be in existence until the responsibilities are transferred over to school staff at some time as determined by Principal Burgess.