Charitable Donations


Parker Performing Arts School is committed to building a community where we can take care of one another, and make sure that rigorous academic instruction and meaningful engagement in the performing arts is something that is fully accessible to all children who are enrolled in our school.  Additionally, we want to make sure that no family or child is discouraged to seek enrollment and this education in our school because of family financial situation.


The overarching vision and goal for seeking charitable donations is to support our families in the following areas of our school in this priority order.

  1. Provide Free and Reduced Lunch to qualifying families
  2. Provide financial support for ordering school uniforms to qualifying families.
  3. Provide financial support for rental of musical instruments to qualifying families.
  4. Provide financial support for supplementary educational costs to qualifying families.
    1. Supplement mandatory student fees
    2. Supplement field trips or other school activities
  5. After the 3 items above are satisfied, we will invest into the programming and facilities of Parker Performing Arts School. Moneys for programming will improve or enhance the academic and performing arts educational curriculum.  Moneys for facilities will not be used for regular maintenance of our building, rather to add to, enhance, or improve completely.

The Board of Directors and school principal will allocate and determine the use of all funds, and will make sure that the expenditure of donations are detailed, transparent, and visible to donors and the general PPA community.  We will not include personally identifiable information for donors or recipients.


Parker Performing Arts School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible to the donor.  We will provide donation receipts for any donation to our school.

Many of our parent’s employers will match donations to charitable organizations, so we would love to take advantage of that and provide you any information you need.

Donations are currently available online using credit cards or direct banking transfers.  If you are interested in writing a paper check, please contact us directly.  Please contact the PPA Business Manager, Tiffany Maestas, using

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