Parker Performing Arts School Elementary Core Academics

All of our curriculum is aligned with Colorado Academic Standards.  Every classroom will have a Teacher and Teaching Assistant.



Social Studies

Language Arts (Reading & Writing)

Parker Performing Arts School Elementary School will be unique in that we will not have all day home room classes in order to accomplish our performing arts curriculum.  For example, we do not expect our general academic teachers to be experts and teach the performing arts.  Therefore, our general academic teachers will teach 2 classes of the same grade level.  They will teach one class Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts until that class rotates to their performing arts curriculum.  That same teacher will then teach a second class Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts after that class completes their performing arts curriculum.

PPA will use the following digital curriculum for core elementary academic subject instruction:


Literacy:  Journeys by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Full Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Phonics program
  • Interactive, Standards-Based, and Built-in Differentiation

Mathematics: Pearson enVision and ST Math

  • Interactive material combining procedures/processes with problem solving and creativity

Science: Pearson Interactive Science

  • Interactive/Virtual Lab Experience
  • Connects Big Ideas of Science to the world of the student

Social Studies: Pearson Interactive My World

  • Virtual Tours and Geography
  • Utilizes Storytelling to bring Social Studies content to life!
  • Seamlessly connects Social Studies content and literacy instruction, attuned to today’s classroom

The Art of Education

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