If you are new to our school events or have invited guests to attend concerts that are unfamiliar with our property and traffic plan, please make sure that you forward this to them so they are aware.


Please approach PPA exactly as you would in carline.  Please note there are no left turns into the school to park, and there are no left turns out of the school at the end of the event.  There is absolutely no parking or stopping on Compark Blvd.

Please Park at Events in the Following Order:

  1. Please park in the northeast parking lot until it is full,
  2. Then proceed to the west parking lot until it is full,
  3. Then you will parallel park in a single file line in front of the school (be sure to park close to car in front of you, but not so close that you cannot pull out),
  4. Then you will parallel park in the loop around the school leaving the middle lane open for exits and emergency exactly as show in the diagram below

Click on image for larger view

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