Staff Name Subject/Dept. PPA Email
Jennifer Burgess Principal
Phil Molfino Asst. Principal
Tanner Kelly Artistic Education Director
Tiffany Maestas Business Manager
Andrea Murri Registrar
Travis Fischer Technology Integration Specialist
Kim Theobald Nurse
Stacy Hommel Health Room Assistant
Brenda Robinson Assessment/504 Coordinator, Dean of Students
Nate Martin Venue Technical Support
Kelly Berry Office Manager
Denise Grieve Office Assistant
Stephanie Wahl Office Assistant
Pauline Villalba Spotlight Director
Jessica Iwachiw Psychologist
Kate Mina Social Worker
Katie Atkinson Learning Specialist
Ashley Kemler Learning Specialist
Elizabeth Verdos Learning Specialist
Amy Anderson Speech
Melinda Enright Occupational Therapist
Robin Paduch Literacy Director
Rhonda Wright Literacy Specialist
RaKell Adams Literacy Specialist
Ashley Cook Project Based Learning Teacher
Cari Benton PBL/Enrichment TA
Laura Lico Kindergarten teacher
Sally Armstrong Kindergarten TA
Gina Woodward Kindergarten teacher
Ryan Kucera Kindergarten TA
Monique Refior Kindergarten TA: AM
Nikki Estep 1st grade teacher
Paula Bartlett 1st/2nd grade teacher
Dawn Hein 1st/2nd grade TA
Caitlin Kelley 2nd grade teacher
Amy Escamilla 3rd grade teacher
Stephanie Stevens 2nd/3rd grade TA
Heather Robinette 3rd/4th grade teacher
Shauna Williams 4th grade teacher
Jessica Fullerton 3rd/4th grade TA
Heather Callahan Elem. Enrichment teacher
Kelly Key Science teacher
Jenelle LaGrange Science teacher
Katie Ondrasik/Dominguez Science teacher
Amber Smith Literature teacher
Alicia Brackney Literature teacher
Laura Raynor Literature teacher
Steven Craig Literature teacher/Interventionist
Felicia Degenhart Math teacher
Kelsey Jansen Math teacher
Josh Ruderman Math teacher – long term sub
Jordan Jacobson Math teacher
Jason Brockman History teacher
Vanessa Wittekind History teacher
Caitlin Melby History teacher
Welby Nalls Tech teacher
Courtland Peterson MS Dance teacher
Anne Jenness MS Dance TA
Cricket Keller Musical Production teacher
Laura Boyce Musical Production teacher
Caitlin Conklin Musical Theatre/Theatre teacher
Carolyn Jordan Musical Theatre/Theatre teacher
Amra Tomsic Choir/Piano teacher
Rosemary Smith Choir TA
Lyat Rizo Elem. Vocal Music teacher
Alison Mayes Orchestra Director
Joel Naegele Band Director/Guitar
Susan Beens Tumbling teacher
Rebecca Greer Tumbling TA
Kristi Hays Elem. Visual Arts teacher
Jacqueline Lasnik Arts TA
Kayla Algrim Venue Manager
Craig Fahey Building Engineer – PM
Jason Kolakowski Building Engineer – AM

The Art of Education

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