Middle School Performing Arts Curriculum

The Key Elements of 5th-8th Grade PPA Performing Arts Curriculum:

  • Daily performing arts training
  • Passionate & experienced teaching artists
  • Regular performance and recital opportunities
  • Digital portfolios

Students in grades 5-8 will select 3 performing arts electives each semester. No previous performing arts experience will be necessary.  Classes will be offered for students who are beginners, intermediate, and advanced in the performing arts.  Some students may choose to specialize in one artistic discipline, while others may enjoy sampling many different arts classes.  For those students selecting a discipline focus, pay close attention to prerequisite requirements.

Over time our curriculum will change as students have continued experience and exposure to the performing arts.  In other words, what we offer for programming year 1 will look very different than programming offered in year 5 for example.

The Four PPA Artistic Disciplines:

(The following are examples of programming we hope to offer now and in the future.  The list is not comprehensive nor complete)

Dance: ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop (advanced options may include lyrical, partnering, ballroom, leaps/turns, choreography, etc.)

Vocal Music: Choir (advanced options may include show choir, solos/duets, or an a capella competition group; private lessons as a fee-based option)

Instrumental Music: band, orchestra, piano, guitar (advanced options may include jazz band, solo/ensemble or chamber groups; private lessons as a fee-based option)

Drama/Musical Theatre: acting, musical theatre, technical theatre (advanced options may include auditioning, directing, lighting/sound design, etc.)

Middle School Electives

Grades 5-8 students are required to take history, science, literature, and mathematics.  In addition, students will be able to choose elective classes each year from our 4 artistic disciplines that total 6 semesters.  Some classes are one semester long, and other classes are one year long (totaling two semesters).

Parents and students should always temper their expectations with electives, as it is mathematically improbable that every student will get every class they want every semester every year.  It will not happen in middle school, high school, or college.


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