Please follow the traffic patterns below exactly, every day, every time!

Traffic Heading Northbound on Chambers Road

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Traffic Heading Southbound on Chambers Road

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Traffic Heading Eastbound on Compark Blvd

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Traffic Inside of PPA Loop.  Right Turns Only During Carline.

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Parker Performing Arts Traffic Plan

Morning Drop-Off: 

traffic_planMiddle school students ONLY- 7:40am (Red Tags)

BOTH Middle & elementary school students- 7:40am (Yellow Tags)

Elementary students ONLY-8:00am (Green Tags)


AM Kindergarten Pickup: 11:35am

PM Kindergarten Drop-off: 12:00pm


Afternoon Pickup:

Middle school students ONLY-3:00pm  (Red Tags)

BOTH Middle and elementary school students-3:30pm (Yellow Tags)

Elementary students ONLY-3:30pm (Green Tags)

debra-duffy-dds-school-zoneGeneral Transportation

Student safety comes first!  PPA does not offer any transportation services to our school, however we highly encourage the use of Way to Go SCHOOLPOOL as an option to reduce drop off and pick up times.  Families are responsible for regular drop off and pick up of their children at our school.   Do to the unique nature of our school location, transportation guidelines must be strictly enforced and adhered to by the PPA Community.

The town traffic infrastructure around our school will grow and be established over the coming months, and the community around us will need to adjust to new traffic patterns caused by the introduction of a school to the area.  Please be careful, and cautious!


Please read these basic guidelines that will help you become a seasoned veteran in daily drop-off and pick-up:

  • Children being dropped off should sit on and exit from the passenger side of the car (unless all seats are filled)
  • Children should memorize their carpool number, know who is picking them up, know make and model of car, and should pay attention to the process during drop-off and pick-up. This causes the #1 delay during drop-off and pick-up.
  • No cell phones or mobile devices of any type are allowed in the drop-off and pick-up lines.  This means no phone calls, texting, games, reading, surfing, or any other use of any device during carpool.
  • Signal the left blinker on your car when you have completed pick-up to exit.
  • Children should only be dropped off in designated areas, and at no other point on the traffic loop.
  • No cars should ever stop on Compark Blvd for any reason as it is a thoroughfare without a shoulder.

The Art of Education

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