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Frequently Asked Questions for Uniforms at Parker Performing Arts School

We recommend that fully read the PPA Official Uniform Policy.

If you do not see your question below, please feel free to ask any additional uniform questions using

What if we can’t attend an in person uniform event? How do we order uniforms?

If you are unable to attend any of our in person uniform events, you will be able to order your uniforms or at additional events that will scheduled in the future. Online ordering will be available year round, but we recommend doing the bulk of your school order by June 30 of the summer before school starts to ensure delivery in time for school.

Does my student have to wear the school uniform?

With the exception of specific days such as dress of choice, yes.

What items do I have to have?

Every student should have the required day to day uniforms, and also have the required formal uniform.  Additionally, grades 5-8 should have the required uniform if they are participating in dance or acrobatics and tumbling.

There are many additional optional items to provide variety, layers, and convenience.  Please see our uniform shop to browse.

We have never attended a uniform school. How many items do we need?

We recommend having at least 3 bottoms (any combination of pants, shorts, and skorts) and 5 tops (any combination of polos/oxfords) to start.  A sweater or vest would be a good idea for chilly days. You may want to add items throughout the year, depending on what your student prefers to wear and how quickly they go through them during the week.

What if we order the wrong sizes?

As long as the tags are still on and they haven’t been worn, you can exchange items. We will have events throughout the summer and school year where you can return or exchange items that don’t fit. Do try to get the order as correct as possible the first time, however, as items often go on back order the closer we get to the start of school. It could take time to replace as we clear back orders.

My student has a sensory disorder and might not be able to wear the uniform. What do I do?

The school policy is to try all of the items on first to see how they work for each child.  Many children are surprised how comfortable uniforms can be.  However, if the uniforms won’t seem to work for a child please provide medical documentation and speak to the principal to gain an exception. Any exceptions to uniform policy must be approved by administration.

Are there any other options for purchasing uniforms?

All uniforms must be purchased through our uniform vendor, Uniform Consignment, and new and gently worn uniforms will all eventually be available.

During the first semester of school, we will roll out our used uniform program. As a part of this process, you will be able to sell back gently used PPA uniform items for cash or credit, and will have also have the opportunity to purchase gently used items at 30-70% off of retail.  The school needs to be up and running for a while so that we can build that inventory. More information about used uniforms will roll out shortly.

In the meantime, if finances are a concern, please emails

What if finances are a concern for my family?

If finances are a concern your family, please emails to discuss options.  Used and gently worn uniforms are an option, though sizes and supplies are limited.

Please be aware that documentation of financial circumstances will likely be required.

Does my child have to wear a belt?

Solid black belts are only required on girls and boys pants and shorts grades 3-8. Grades K-2 can wear a belt as needed to ensure fit, but the belt is otherwise optional.  Please read the official uniform policy for full explanation for wearing belts.

Can my child wear any shoe they want?

The formal uniform requires a solid black shoe of your choice. After that, students may choose what shoes they wear assuming the following conditions are met.  Some classes including some dance classes may require specific shoes be worn.  All students must wear socks every day all the time.

Students must wear shoes that totally enclose the foot – no sandals, high tops, flip flops, house shoes, slippers, high heels or sling-backs are permitted.  Approved shoes can be any color with any color shoelace they like, as long as nothing dangles from the shoe.  For other information and complete policy on shoes, please read the official school uniform policy.

Do polo shirts have to have the PPA logo?

Not currently, though PPA reserves the right to add its logo to uniforms, especially in the case that parents attempt to purchase uniforms from other sources than our approved uniform vendor.

Outerwear including sweaters, vests, and any jackets or sweatshirts that are chosen by the school must have the logo, as well as the formal peter pan or oxford button-up shirt, but not the short or long sleeve polos.

Do shirts need to be tucked in at all times on campus?


What about coats that are worn to and from school?

Any jacket may be worn to campus, but only outerwear with the logos may be worn during the day in the school buildings. For instance, a child may wear his or her choice of a jacket or coat on campus to and from the car and at recess, but if it is not part of the school uniform, then the student needs to store the jacket while in the building.

Clearly if there were a heating or cooling issue, coats would be allowed in class until it was resolved.

Will the uniform styles change from year to year?

Our vision for the style of our uniform is to be consistent in expectation. Therefore, we will not make wholesale changes, rather there may be yearly implementations or additions. We want to protect the investment that parents have made into uniforms.  Basic options of shorts, pants, and polos are acceptable in all grades. So for example, it is conceivable for a seventh grader to wear a polo for several years as long as it is fitting.

Can I buy used uniforms?

The Used Uniform program will roll out during the first semester when used uniforms start to be in stock. For now, new uniforms are the only option.

Can I sell uniforms from my previous charter school to the PPA vendor?

Yes, you may.  Uniform Consignment will purchase back old uniforms that can be resold again from you and give you cash or a credit toward the purchase of PPA uniforms.  Not every garment will qualify to be purchased back.

Contact to make arrangements to sell your uniforms.

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