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General Info

Principal: Jennifer Burgess

Grade Levels: K-8

Non-Discrimination Policy

Parent & Student Handbook

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Registration and Enrollment

PPA is a school of choice K-8 Public Charter School in the Douglas County School District. Charter schools do not charge tuition (excepting a fee for full day Kindergarten). PPA enrolls approximately 100 students per grade K-8 using a standard lottery process.  All interested parties must complete an intent to enroll form, which is not binding in any way.

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Programs & Facilities

PPA is a unique Elementary and Middle School, fully equipped with state of the art technology in the hand of every student and academic and performing arts classroom. Every classroom is setup for 20th century learning.  The school features a 400+ seat state of the art Performance Theater including an orchestra pit, theater green room, fully outfitted dance studios, large concert band and choir classrooms and practice rooms.  PPA is available for rental during non-school hours, and school tours are available.

Performance Tickets

Our Mission states that students “will have regular performance and recital opportunities”. Parker Performing Arts School is proud to showcase our talented students in our school performances. All performances will be held in our 400+ seat state of the art school theater.

Parents and family members will need to secure tickets for ALL events. This allows the audience to select their seats prior to each event, and prevents excessive overflow including parking limits. Most of the school event tickets are FREE with the exception of our fall play and spring musical.

More Info on Performance Tickets

Venue Rental

We welcome and encourage community members to consider renting PPA general building rooms and performing arts spaces for your next activity, performance, or meeting. Rentals are available during non-school hours including school performances.  PPA has amazing theater, dance, and general spaces all available to rent.

Information on Venue Rental

School Uniforms

In order to fulfill the Mission and Vision of Parker Performing Arts School, students are required to wear school uniforms.  The school learning culture is significantly influenced by student attire. The intention of the school uniform is to promote learning, promote school unity and pride, to reduce peer pressure from clothing trends and styles, and to reduce disruption and disciplinary problems.

Our policy is intended to provide variety of options in attire, to be conservative and modest, to minimize distractions, to be simple and easy to understand, and to maintain standards with as minimal financial impact on families as possible.

Official Uniform Policy
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State Testing and Standards

All Colorado Public Schools including PPA are required to participate in State Mandated Testing. The DCSD Board of Education respects parents’ or legal guardians’ right to direct their students’ education and honors the choices of parents or guardians make regarding their students’ participation in state-mandated assessments.   Assessments are given using the students issued iPad, and paper copies of tests are available on request only.

State Mandated Testing Information

Charitable Contributions

Let’s face it. Colorado is at the bottom of our nation in school funding. That’s the truth. PPA is wise in its fiscal responsibility for every dollar it uses toward your child’s education, but it is not enough.  Please donate to help our school SHINE for many years to come! All donations go directly to education, plain and simple.

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15035 Compark Blvd
Parker, CO 80134

School Hours

Middle School Grades 5-8:
8:00am – 3:15pm

Elementary Grades K-4:
8:20am – 3:30pm
(AM-K Only 8:20am-11:55am)

Phone & Email

Main Phone: 720-709-7400
Fax: 720-709-7401

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General Information:

parker_logo_square_tiny PPA School Vision

Parker Performing Arts School will prepare students for future success through rigorous and innovative academic instruction and meaningful engagement in the performing arts.

parker_logo_square_tiny PPA School Mission

Parker Performing Arts School will equip students with the creative and critical thinking skills that are vital for success in the innovative environment of the future. With safety as a key priority, our students will engage in daily performing arts training from passionate and experienced artists, and will have regular performance and recital opportunities. Our students will excel academically through a data-driven, blended learning environment that includes teacher-led and technology-infused instruction.

About Us

Kindergarten teaches children basic skills that will prepare them for elementary school grades. We offer class sizes of 25 students maximum, and every class has a teacher and a teaching assistant. The main skills taught are reading, writing, language arts, math, science, technology, social studies, art, and encore instruction (general music and the performing arts). Our teachers create lesson plans, grade student work, manage classroom behavior and work with parents to ensure that students are succeeding at the crucial introduction to education.   1:1 iPads
Parker Performing Arts School Provides the most unique education and elementary school experience available in any Colorado Elementary School. We offer academic class sizes of 25 students maximum, and every class has a Teacher and a Teaching Assistant. PPA is a model school for modern individualized learning and instruction using technology. Students spend a little more than half of their day studying academics (Math, Science Social Studies, and Language Arts).  They also spend about half of their day in the performing arts studying dance, drama, general music, vocal music.  Our Tumbling class may be the most fun and rigorous elementary physical education class in the State.  It provides safe skills in artistic gymnastics, flexibility and stretching, and tumbling.     Academic Curriculum | Arts Curriculum  | 1:1 iPads
Parker Performing Arts School Provides the most unique education and middle school experience available in any Colorado Middle School. PPA is a model school for modern individualized learning and instruction using technology.  The size of the whole middle school grades 5-8 is approximately the same size as only one single grade in a typical middle school. That gives students a huge advantage at a tender age. Middle School switches classes on a bell schedule with 8 class periods one of which is lunch.  There are 4 academic classes per day in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.  Additionally, student choose 3 performing arts elective classes per day.  PPA offers more unique performing arts electives than are offered in any other school in Colorado.     Academic Curriculum | Arts Curriculum  | 1:1 iPads
Parker Performing Arts School is staffed only by qualified and passionate educators and passionate educator artists whoa are Faculty and Staff purely committed to the success of each child.  The Administration and Leadership Team is deeply experienced in the Douglas County School District and education, and produce measurable results. With our unique technology environment, our teachers are constantly challenged personally and professionally.  Their roots are deep not only in the field of education but service to the communities in which they live.   Faculty and Staff
Involved parents are the key to the success of any child’s education. Charter Schools are only successful with the support and participation of committed parents. PPA can’t do it without you! The Parker Performing Arts community pledges every 2(+) parent family to 30 hours of volunteer service per school year, and every single parent family to 15 hours of volunteer service per school year. Enrolled student volunteer hours do not count toward this commitment. This is tracked per family. Parent involvement critical to building community and providing a good example for our children to follow.   Volunteer | Parent Community Association


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If your family values choice in education, rigorous academic instruction, the arts in education, and 20th Century Skills then this is your school.

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The Art of Education

Parker Performing Arts School
15035 Compark Blvd, Parker, CO 80134
Phone: 720-709-7400
Fax: 720-709-7401